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How we can help you?

As a workshop you have a lot of parts coming out of your customer’s car. Such scrap continues to occupy precious workshop space and could even be hazardous to people and environment, if not stored and disposed off properly and timely. So, you contact a scrap dealer, who by the very nature of their business, is always trying to pay you as little as possible for that those goods, because they see those parts as just materials remaining in it.

How we can put your faulty parts and cores to use?

As a used parts dealer you will always have parts that you thought were good, but don’t work. They keep sitting on your shelves for months, eventually being scrapped for almost no profit, if not for a loss.

How you can get upto 20X the Scrap Price for used faulty parts ?

To make profit off of these faulty parts, you try to get a these parts repaired through a local parts repair business. But in most countries, such local repair businesses do not have the sophisticated knowledge or tools to get your parts back to working condition and do not offer any warranty on their work, but charge you advance payment.

How long does the process take?

We at Partsncores bring to the table many years of diverse experience and wide network across the entire supply chain of aftermarket products. We have identified inefficiencies and opportunities for multiple players involved in this entire cycle. Based on our proprietary pricing model, we know the true worth of faulty parts, which is much higher than the value of the materials remaining in it. That’s how we are able to pay the workshops/used parts dealers upto 20x higher than the price that a scrap dealer would pay for the same part.

How the process works?

You visit our website and conveniently submit a list of faulty parts, also known as cores, to express your interest in selling us those cores. Once we receive your enquiry, we will get in touch with you within 24 hours to discuss the details and next steps. We will have the goods picked up from your location and delivered to the company that has the right machines and technical knowledge to refurbish the part with confidence. In the process, we pay you more cash on these cores than what you would make by selling them to a scrap dealer.

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